We've all heard (or witnessed) horror stories of so-called "DJs" playing at weddings who play only what they want, can't mix tracks together properly, DEAFEN everyone, or, worst of all, don't even have the one special song that the bride and groom specifically requested for their wedding dance.

At Wiltshire Wedding Music, our DJs have nearly two decades of experience playing everything from the '50s right up to the present day. We can move seamlessly between genres and work on building up that mood so that more and more people are kicking off their shoes and joining in the party on the dancefloor!

wedding dancefloor

What would you like us to play? We can spin the standard wedding cheesy classics like "Y.M.C.A.", "Saturday Night" and the "Macarena" (so everyone can get up and do all those dance moves), or, if you like your music to be a little more leftfield, we're happy to play a more themed night tailored to your specific tastes. It's your party so, you decide!

We've previously run the following types of night:

  • '50s Rock 'n' Roll
  • '70s/'80s Disco (always very popular!)
  • Old-skool '90s Rave / Trance
  • Metal / Punk / Rock

Or if you want, you can just give us a strict playlist and running order and we'll get stuck into it! We also guarantee that 'Do-Not-Play' lists will be strictly adhered to.

Don't forget, young children can get really bored at weddings so, once the disco has started, we're happy to cater for them at the start and play lots of modern chart music to keep them occupied until it's bedtime.

We also provide a service where pre-wedding song requests can be sent to us via text or email (as many as you like) so we can make absolutely certain that all the bases are covered on the night (subject to vetting by the bride/groom of course!)